Standard University Management System

MSoft provides a complete Enterprise solution for the University Management that will automate and simplify all the operational requirements of a university. Our University Management Information System provides a complete set of tools and applications that let you plan, execute, and analyze at both strategic and tactical levels as well as administering all university procedure as a mechanized system. It is available with 100% source code in PHP and MySQL. The features are listed below:

Admin & User

The User Management grants authorized users the rights to use the various services of the MIS by dividing them in to groups and defining their privileges. The administration part of this module not only refers to the administration of the MIS but also the administration tasks and information of the university.

Academic Admin

The Academics Administration allows the administrator to manage the administration of university faculty. It includes employee management, leave management, employee activities, case management, NOC clearance, and customized reports.

Admin Section

The Admin Module manages the administration of university management staff it includes employee management, leaves management, employee activities, case management, NOC clearance, and customized reports.

Registration Module

Handles the registration of students. It is made up of three sub-modules: Advising, Subject Controlling, and Assessment. A Certificate of Registration (CoR) is printed after the assessment of the student’s load

Pay Roll

The Pay Roll Section facilitates the university management in the pay roll system of university employees. It includes basic pay, taxation, allowances, loan management, deductions, and salary details of employees.

File Management

The File Management Module allows the administrator to manage the documents. It manages the document stamps, dispatched register, received register, keeps track of a document, and also allows document searching and customized report generation.


This particular module helps the university to maintain and manage the hostel processes for example the room availability, student management, the hostel mess management, the hostel items and stock management and the hostel expenses management.


The Transport Management helps the management to administer all the university transportation. It includes the vehicle management, fuel and maintenance, vehicle visit, its sales and depreciation. Registration Admin This module is used in the university management system to register student’s examination, semesters and programs. This module manages the academic years, the pre-requisites for various degrees and the programs and subjects to be offered in semester or the annual terms.

t generation.

Student Registration

The Student Registration Module allows the managing the student registration. It manages the registration schedule, student registration, student management, and board. Customized reports of student registration are also generated


The Schedule Management Module helps in managing the semester time table, teachers’ availability, student enrollment in courses, and the management to different classes of a semester.


The Examination Management Module allows managing the stations and center for conducting the examination. The paper checker and papers setters’ information in kept secret. The degrees and result records are managed. The payments of supervisory staff are also managed here.


The Library Management Module is all about the library and its functions. Library racks records are managed. The administration manages the authors, publishers, and editor’s records along with the circulation and requisitions processes

E-Notice Board

The Electronic Notice Board manages the university notices. The notice requests are approved and the approved requests are displayed at the electronic notice board.


Financial Management

  • Receipt of student’s fees
  • Fee discount creation
  • Oversight of fee records from both students, classes
  • Receipt of transportation fees
  • Bookstore receipts
  • Student dues
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash Acknowledgment

Add event

Manage Events

Add Notice

Manage Notice


  • Create users and assign roles for school instructors and students
  • Edit and Delete Users
  • Creating New classes and sections
  • Creating Subjects for related class
  • Assigning subject to classes and instructors
  • List of instructors and employees


  • Student Registration
  • View all students
  • View past students


    • Assign marks to students and subject to classes
    • Results
    • View all students who have passed
    • View all students who have failed
    • View midterm pass-students
    • View final exam pass-students
    • Student result sheet (Etlahnama) as per Ministry of education Requirement
    • All class results
    • Promote students and classes
    • Assess books for Ministry of Education requirement
    • Edit marks for students a classes


    • Adding new books to bookstore
    • purchasing books
    • Distributing books to students
    • Remaining books in the bookstore


    • Daily Expense Report
    • Monthly Expense Report
    • Quarterly Expense report
    • Yearly Expense Report
    • Daily income from different source such as books, and admission ….
    • Monthly income from different sources such fee, books, admission….
    • Quarterly income from different sources such as fee, books, admission….
    • Yearly income from different sources such as fees, books, admissions …
    • Trial balance