MSoft Technologies available today can play a crucial role in reorganization of school management activities to promote unity and reliability among students, parents, teachers, and school administrators. However computers are not used to analyze data and output information. Therefore, E-School Management System (ESMS) is developed to facilitate teaching and administration staff to manage school activities in high schools and parents/teachers to have in-time/reliable information about the performance of their child/student. In this website propose a conceptual model of an E-School management system and explain the functionality of an ESMS and benefits of electronic management. Insights and recommendations are provided


E-School is a desktop- and online-based management information system, which manages students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Maiwand Soft Technologies is proud to introduce its E-School Management System (ESMS) to you. This system is designed to provide all the reports required by the Ministry of Education. ESMS is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents, and administrators. E-School has developed an innovative computer-based solution for tertiary schools that integrates key activities from admission, course scheduling, registration/enrollment, assessment, billing, cashiering, and student’s records management. It is a client-server system which makes use of open-sourced software on its server side, thus making its implementation very affordable even for small tertiary schools. This system, called ESMS (Electronic-School Management System).


The electronic School Management System (ESMS) is an integrated student records management system with the following features:

Admin & User

Enables qualified users (usually the admission officer) to enter permanent data of students.

Academic Curricula Module

Allows qualified users (e.g. Registrar personnel) to enter description of academic programs and subjects or courses

Pre-registration Module

Facilitates entry of subject offerings and their corresponding schedules, class size limits, room assignments and faculty. Block scheduling is also possible. Qualified users are Registrar staff or academic office clerks.

Registration Module

Handles the registration of students. It is made up of three sub-modules: Advising, Subject Controlling, and Assessment. A Certificate of Registration (CoR) is printed after the assessment of the student’s load

Cashiering Module

Enables the cashier to accept payment of the student based on the assessed fees. Official receipt for payment received will also be printed.

Grading Module

Prints grading sheets per subject with grades to be filled-in by the faculty. It will also accept entry of grades by an authorized user

Records Management/Queries and Reports

Generates various reports needed by a student, academic units, registrar’s office, management and government entities like the Ministry of Education and the Department of Budget and Management.

Financial Reports

Prepares all cashiering related reports and student billings, income details per cost/profit center, and summarized financial data (e.g. year-to-date income reports).

ESMS software effortlessly handles all needed requirements for easy school management. The ability to access school information from anywhere means staff can work more productively and flexibly. But ESMS can also improve pupils’ performance, enhancing their day-to-day school life by making studying and other school activities more efficient and enjoyable. You can monitor and track all aspects of a student’s progress and respond quickly to any difficulty that might arise. ESMS is able to control all school management information. ESMS has the following functions.


Financial Management

  • Receipt of student’s fees
  • Fee discount creation
  • Oversight of fee records from both students, classes
  • Receipt of transportation fees
  • Bookstore receipts
  • Student dues
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash Acknowledgment

Add event

Manage Events

Add Notice

Manage Notice


  • Create users and assign roles for school instructors and students
  • Edit and Delete Users
  • Creating New classes and sections
  • Creating Subjects for related class
  • Assigning subject to classes and instructors
  • List of instructors and employees


  • Student Registration
  • View all students
  • View past students


    • Assign marks to students and subject to classes
    • Results
    • View all students who have passed
    • View all students who have failed
    • View midterm pass-students
    • View final exam pass-students
    • Student result sheet (Etlahnama) as per Ministry of education Requirement
    • All class results
    • Promote students and classes
    • Assess books for Ministry of Education requirement
    • Edit marks for students a classes


    • Adding new books to bookstore
    • purchasing books
    • Distributing books to students
    • Remaining books in the bookstore


    • Daily Expense Report
    • Monthly Expense Report
    • Quarterly Expense report
    • Yearly Expense Report
    • Daily income from different source such as books, and admission ….
    • Monthly income from different sources such fee, books, admission….
    • Quarterly income from different sources such as fee, books, admission….
    • Yearly income from different sources such as fees, books, admissions …
    • Trial balance